The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra Relates to our ability to focus and see the bigger picture, our imagination, wisdom, Intuition, thought processes and decision making. This Chakra is between our eyes at the centre of our forehead.

The colour associated with the Third Eye Chakra is indigo which relates directly to the Third Eye Chakra stones of Lapis Lazuli, Blue Adventurine, Black Obsidian and Sodalite.

To maintain balance of the Third Eye Chakra Blueberries, Lavender, grapes and chocolate in a diet are beneficial.

Blue Adventurine Bracelet

Blue Adventurine is a stone which relates to the Third Eye Chakra. When worn this Blue Advenutrine Bracelet can enhance the properties of this chakra within you.

This Blue Adventurine Bracelet is made from 4 mm Blue Adventurine crystal stone beads and are interspaced with handcrafted, fairly traded, fine silver beads.

Completed with a fine silver T-bar making it easy to take on and off without help.

Weighs approximately 5.5 grams

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