Elephant Spirit Rings

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The Luna Tree Elephant Spirit Rings are firm favourites with our customers and Best Sellers.

They have been created from a synthetic wire inside a silver hoop. The silver is wrapped around this wire to create the ring.

This synthetic wire is symbolic of elephant hair.

Elephant hair has been traditionally used by many communities around the globe where elephants live to create woven bracelets, rings and other trinkets. These were given as a special gift and signify good luck.

Our Elephant Spirit Rings encompass this Good Luck talisman and pay homage and respect to these majestic and intelligent creatures which have inspired this design.

Great stacked in 2’s or 3’s or teamed with other rings.

The smaller sizes are wonderful worn as ‘Midi Rings’, worn between the top and middle knuckles.

Fine Silver 3mm wide

Why not team your Elephant Spirit rings with our Elephant Spirit Earrings

The 10 Principles of Fair Trade are the ethos at the heart of Luna Tree Jewellery and we have been a proud member of BAFTS (The British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) since 2009


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