Our Artworks

The Elephant pictures collection consists of high quality print reproductions. They are  beautifully mounted on wooden box frames. Two sizes are available. Fantastic hung in small groups or perfect on their own.

Some original artworks are also available from time to time. Please do check our online catalogue for these special one off pieces.

Charitable Donations

We donate up to 50% of our profits from the sale of our paintings to the Save Elephant Foundation. A registered charity which funds Elephant Nature Park and other animal protection initiatives in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.

Elephant Nature Park, is a sanctuary for abused and work retired elephants in Thailand. These rescued elephants are able to form natural herd groups with each other, living out their lives free from abuse. The sanctuary is also home to a growing number of other species; street dogs, cats, buffalo, horses, sheep, pigs, goats and monkeys.

The Save Elephant Foundation runs it’s projects with sensitivity to the surrounding villages and people. Many locals are employed growing the crops which are needed to feed the herds. They are paid a premium for these which allows the local economy to thrive.

The Save Elephant Foundation strives to create and maintain a harmony and balance between the human population, the land and the animals it rescues. Creating places where everything is cared for.

You can find out more at Save Elephant Foundation and also at Elephant Nature Park