Our Eco Friendly Gift Boxes

Probably the most people and planet friendly gift boxes in the world!

Presentation is everything, especially when it comes to the art of giving. Beautiful jewellery deserves the best packaging, something to keep it safe, secure and make it a real pleasure to unwrap.

When you’re an Eco conscious recycle nut trying to tread as lightly on the earth in private as well as in business you would think compromises would have to be made. Ethics thrown aside for the sake of business or business compromised because of personal ethics….wrong, it all comes together beautifully for Luna Tree with our handmade gift boxes.

Our gift boxes are crafted from Mulberry tree bark in Thailand, the bark is naturally shed from the trees each year, a native species, they grow abundantly in Northern Thailand. Known as Saa paper, our gift boxes are environmentally sustainable and ecologically sound to produce. Manufacture is clean with no waste. The paper making process from Mulberry bark has not changed in over 700 years.

We source our boxes from a wonderful Alternative Trading Organisation in Northern Thailand which co ordinates the orders with a women’s cooperative. The co operative promotes skills training for its workers and combats exploitation of vulnerable rural women. By financial empowerment through their employment these women have gained an increase in their confidence and have a realistic alternative to exploitation, particularly by the sex industry within Thailand. In many poor areas this can sadly be the only source of income for some  families..


This Alternative Trading Organisation supports the women’s co operative in other ways too. They are very much integrated with the village’s which are home to the women workers and take on a pastoral care and social work role of support. This helps to facilitate improvements within these communities which is very much the driving force behind the business. A significant percentage of the proceeds from the orders is made available as cash bonus incentives to the workers solely for the use in community based projects.


All retail orders placed through our website are presented in one of our gorgeous Saa paper boxes. These boxes are also supplied free of charge to our stockists to accompany our jewellery should stockists wish to use them.

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