New Year New Me and a Ruby Red Beginning

New Year New Me

My blogging input has been shameful. I’m the first to admit. It’s true.  I’m an adorer of words poetically strung together, an avid reader and a lover of how language can sing and touch the soul. Yet I lack the conviction to get cracking with stringing these 26 letters of the English language together on my own website. Maybe it is just laziness, or my busy life that has kept me away. A mixture of the two most likely.  I’ve also considered who would really want to read my ramblings and do I even have something to say that hasn’t been said before?

There is nothing worse than some waffling blog banging on about the weather or an anecdote about some observation regarding their snotty nosed spawn when all you want to do is scroll right past all the waffle to find the recipe at the bottom which could have been there without any scrolling at all. I don’t want to be that person. I also aim to be true to my word. So, I will cut the crap.

My New Year thing (apart from getting an eye test after a 3-year lapse…still to make the appointment but one thing at a time) is to write a monthly blog. Stuff relating to Fair Trade, Jewellery and other relevant things to my little business.  If it is down in writing for all to see here I have to do it don’t I?  Gulp.

So here goes nothing…….

Ruby Red Beginning (Well, Garnet Beginning Actually)

Stones have always fascinated me. In fact, the first jewellery I ever made was with stones I had tumbled myself as a child. One birthday, I would have been about 8 or 9 my parents gave me a tumbler. I had no idea what it was at first but I dutifully followed the instructions counting off the weeks until I could open the barrels and check on the progress of my stones. Children lack patience for this sort of thing and my dad was really good at making me wait the correct time for the magic to happen. It was so worth it! Beautifully smooth magic jewels. Exotic and tactile. They all had stories singing from them to me. Wrapping them in wire and making pendants, using strong bonding glue to back them with brooch pins I set about adorning my loved ones with my stones. My Nana wore a beautiful piece of Agate as a brooch on her coat for years and when she passed away this was the thing I wanted to remember her by. I still have it.

So, my love of stones got me thinking about how they are traditionally thought of as birth stones and with this month we are blessed with Garnet the birthstone for January.

Garnet can be actually found to be many colours; Pink, purple, orange and also found on rare occasion as a blue or green stone. However, the colour which does immediately come to mind when thinking of Garnet is a deep red colour, sumptuous and rich. Warm and inviting.

Garnet Then and Now

Garnet is often associated as a symbol of friendship and trust. So, a great stone to gift to a loved one. Historically is was believed to offer protection to the wearer and many ancient warriors wore Garnet into battle. It is also believed to be a re energiser stone, bring wealth, prosperity and even an increase to sex drive.  With so many great things going for it we all need a little Garnet in our lives!

The word garnet comes from the 14th‑century word gernet, meaning ‘dark red’. This however is derived from the Latin word for ‘seed like’. The similarities of the inside of a pomegranate holds the key to the name. Pomegranate seeds are natures exotic jewels after all! Their similarities to garnet stones is very apparent too.

Throughout history Garnet has been well loved; In Ancient Greece it was treasured for its mystical powers with claims to heal relationships and feuding lovers. Garnet has adorned the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and found in many tomb artefacts.  Garnet was favoured within the Roman Empire as the most used and widely traded semi precious gem stone. The Romans inlaid intricate metalwork and jewellery with Garnet and it was also set into signet rings which were put to use when wax sealing important documents by dignitaries.

In the Middle Ages, red garnet was fashionable among clergymen and nobility.

Fast forward through time and here at Luna Tree we have our Vicky Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings which marry garnet and silver beautifully. Pretty and delicate with the passion red of this beautiful stone a shining statement.

N035 Fairly Traded Vicky Necklace

BR020 Fairly Traded Vicky Bracelet

E039 Fairly Traded Vicky Earrings

Thank you for reading…..See you next month!




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