A Fair Trade Ethos is the Heart of Our Business

Luna Tree Jewellery is a registered member of BAFTS (The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) and recognised as an Importer.of fairly traded silver jewellery. Luna Tree Jewellery works on a basis of total transparency between producer, importer/wholesaler, retailer and customer, creating a personal link from one end of the chain to the other.

We have been registered with BAFTS since 2009.

All our orders with our suppliers are paid for up front, firstly with the value of the silver as a raw material so production can get underway and so the workers can be paid as parts of the order are completed. Prior to shipping the balance of the order is paid and all shipping costs also covered.

Working with our producer community directly on the design of our ranges we actively encourage and promote the producers individual creativity. Empowering them to harnesses their creativity and skills bringing the talent they possess to the global market.

Luna Tree Jewellery endeavour to help reset the balance between developing communities and the developed world. Understanding their limitations and working with them to help bring changes which they desire rather than the changes that we think they need. Helping the whole community to benefit from the partnership we have together.

All the families involved in silver production within the village have a mix of both male and female workers. Both the men and women receive the same pay for the same work undertaken. Depending on each individual families circumstances they will either be headed by a matriarchal female head of the household or a male one. Gender equality within Karen Hill Tribe communities sees all aspects of work undertaken by males and females equally including farming. Production always fits around other duties such as harvest time, festivities and childcare which further empowers the women producers.

We visit out producer village every year to develop new products, observe production and to catch up on all aspects of village life. This enables us to be positive regarding working conditions and practices of our producers. The work of silver smithing can only be undertaken by artisans with the skills gained after adequate training and therefore we can be absolutely certain that no child labour is ever used.

Our Environmental Policy

Sustainable environmental practices are extremely important to Luna Tree Jewellery.

As a certified recycle, reuse and reduce nut we can run our business in no other way than with as much kindness for our planet as we can possibly manage….

We endeavour to reduce the amount of all consumable office products by minimising waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are ran as efficient as possible. We actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers. Packaging is recycled and reused.

We purchase our electricity from a green renewable energy provider who invests in the wetlands of the UK for the protection of our native bird and mammal habitats.

A home office saves on commuting and the emissions this would create daily. A vehicle is very rarely used for business. Public transport is preferred whenever possible. However, it is inevitable that our producers are visited and our goods shipped – endeavouring to offset these overseas trips etc at least 2% of the annual profits are gifted to environmental charities who work towards reducing CO2 emissions.

We do not pollute the environment with chemicals during the silver production process. There is no waste material as all the silver off cuts etc can be reused. Hand tools are mainly used in production of the silver, with the exception of soldering tools and small polishing machines. Sustainable environmental practices are being developed within our production village with the introduction of solar panels enabling the village to run generators in the evenings for light etc.

As a dedicated Vegan and life long animal rights advocate we do not use any animal based products in our ranges.

We are continually looking at ways to improve our green performance as a business and to reduce our impact on the earth.

Every little step, no matter how small, in the right direction can make a huge difference!