Elephant Paintings and ENP

Alongside our exquisite silver jewellery  we also sell a range of elephant paintings, these paintings are reproduced from the originals by Thai based artist Lertsark Bangkaew.

I stumbled upon his lovely studio quite by chance during my 2010 trip to visit our silversmith producers. At the village I had been placing orders and working on new design ideas with them, so once our work was complete here it was time to head back to the city of Chiang Mai.

As soon as I saw the juicy vibrant colours of these paintings and the quirky comical elephants I just knew I had finally found what I was looking for,  to financially assist  the elephant sanctuary I had fallen in love with, visiting  it for the first time the previous year.  Yes in 2009 realising a lifelong dream to get up close and personal with the animals I adore most; I lost my heart to a motley bunch of fat bottomed, big eared and extremely long nosed gentle giants at Elephant Nature Park.

Everything was suddenly fitting into place quite by chance.

After my first visit to the sanctuary I was internally driven to seek out a means of support via my Luna Tree business and Lertsark’s paintings fitted the bill perfectly! Since our initial order in 2010, our range of paintings has grown into quite an impressive herd, we have a great range of consistent best sellers and with Lertsark’s prolific continuous painting, always new designs to add to the mix.

But the best bit about this whole extra departure from the silver jewellery is being able to donate to Elephant Nature Park and assist in their wonderful work. This place is Elephant Utopia and a truly magical place! The stories behind each herd member will reduce you to tears, you cannot imagine the brutal harrowing beginnings in life so many of these elephants have endured and your heart will be crushed with this knowledge. However,  there are also tears of joy; after spending time with these battered and damaged animals you realise that they are healing mentally and physically, although some will always bare the scars of what their old lives entailed. However now they are living as natural a life as possible within herd groups established naturally shortly after  their arrival to the park. The elephants look after each other; watch out for each other, having extremely loyal bonds between them. They share an understanding of what was before and now their freedom and safety of the sanctuary. Wonderfully, every new baby born at the sanctuary, will never know the horrors of having their spirits broken down, just more aunties than they can possibly handle as the only real hardship of their lives!

This year our donations  to Elephant Nature Park have been made to the Land Purchase Fund; with the park at elephant capacity right now purchasing more land surrounding the sanctuary is vital so the work of rescuing more elephants in desperate need can continue. Extra land will benefit the herd at Elephant Nature Park for many years to come.

We couldn’t make our donations without you! All our wonderful customers who have purchased from our painting range this year have contributed to this little slice of elephant heaven and for that we send you a BIG THANK YOU!

Best Wishes


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